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San Francisco - Promising 2000 Porsche Boxster - 110k Miles, IMS Retrofit, New Clutch

A promising example of a 986 Boxster that is a little rough around the edges - this car would make the perfect beater for weekend cruising. 

The exterior cosmetics aren't ideal, with some yellowing visible on the headlights, scuffs on the rear bumper, and what looks like a large dent in the passenger's side door. What makes this car interesting is the IMS retrofit and clutch replacement it had at 80k miles, taking care of the Achilles heel of these first-gen Boxsters. 

Important, too, is that the car received a new top recently, an expensive repair. The seller states that the car will need four new tires, and the pictures confirm that.

But at $5,900, there's plenty of room to bring this Boxster back up to tip-top shape, even if it's hard to see the potential now. My sense is that the bones of this car are solid, and with a little TLC, it could be a super-fun, super-affordable drop-top.

See photos below: