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San Francisco - Lightly-Modified 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet - 79k Miles, New IMS

A pristine late-model 996 cab with tasteful upgrades and important preventative maintenance. 2000-2005 were the model years with the highest IMS failure rates, but this car has already had a bearing retrofit along with a new clutch and air-oil separator.

It's also a high-option car, wearing the desirable 18" Turbo-Twist alloys, Xenon headlamps, and the Bose upgraded sound package. 

From the photos, it looks like the car has lowered rocker panels and upgraded drilled aluminum pedals. In addition, it has a desirable FabSpeed exhaust upgrade, though it isn't clear whether it's a catback or headers.

At $22k, this 996 cab is the cheapest way to enjoy an open-top Porsche worry-free. Check out the photos below: