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San Francisco - Immaculate 1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Cabrio - 71k Miles, Full Service History, Single-Owner

A super-clean example of a classic 964 cabriolet with extensive documentation. These cars have some of the most beautiful lines of any air-cooled 911, and this car's Guards Red paint and classic 16" multi-spoke alloys highlight its beautiful shape.

The seller purchased the car new at Walnut Creek Porsche in the Bay Area, and it has been serviced at dealerships or Porsche-specific independent shops since then. The car will also be sold with full service history from day one, which documents appropriate valve adjustment intervals and a major engine-out service at 60k miles. Amazingly, the seller even claims that the original window sticker and bill of sale accompany the car.

This car is the ultimate "cream puff," with nearly perfect interior and exterior cosmetics at first glance. It certainly seems well-maintained, but you'd want to verify engine health with a compression and leakdown test. You'd also want to check the condition of the through-bolt o-rings, which are difficult to replace when they fail on these cars.

Finally, make sure that convertible top works! Those aren't cheap to fix.

Advertised at $48.5k, which is reasonable for this car's mileage and provenance. See photos below: