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San Francisco - High-Mileage 2001 911 Turbo Coupe - 6-speed, Strong Compression - SOLD

A gorgeous, early-build 996 Twin-Turbo finished in Lapis Blue Metallic. Aside from the GT2, these cars topped out the 996 range when they hit showroom floors, and the current enthusiast owner upgraded lots of components to keep pace with harder-edged, newer 911s. 

Along with a GT2 clutch and GT2 exhaust, it wears gorgeous 996 GT3 rims which hide upgraded 997 Turbo brakes. In stock form, this car produced 415 horsepower from its 3.6-liter turbocharged flat-six, and AWD delivered a 0-60 time of just under 4.0 seconds. Expect even better results from this improved example.

The cosmetics look really nice on this car, with minimal leather creasing, even on the driver's site bolsters. The owner even sourced a Carrera GT key to pair to this car, which is a super rare (and expensive) touch.

And despite its nearly 125k miles, the car looks to have a clean bill of health, with no more than 3% variance between cylinder compressions. 

Advertised at $33.5k from a 10-year owner, this car is the performance bargain of the century. See photos below.