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San Francisco - Affordable 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet - 55k Miles, 6-speed

One of the best Porsche bargains I've seen in a while. This '05 911 Carrera S cab has 55k original miles and a desirable options list, including the Sport Chrono package and the sport exhaust system - at the push of a button, a driver can open an exhaust baffle to give the car some extra rasp. The striking "lobster claw" wheels complement this car's understated look. 

Of course, 2005 was a transition year for the 911, and many examples needed engine replacements due to IMS issues.     It's possible that this example will never have any trouble, but you'd want to be extra careful when examining service records and getting an inspection.

I've driven several of these early 997s, and they are an absolute BLAST - the 3.8L H6 is torquey and responsive, and the clutch and gear change are very sporty and stiff. You can sense exactly where the bite point is, and rev-matching is an absolute breeze. Not to mention that the hydraulic steering in these cars is perfectly weighted and so communicative.

With a $33.5k asking price, there is no cheaper way to drive one of the best generations of the best sports car in the world. Check out the photos below: