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San Francisco - 2006 Porsche Boxster S - Single-Owner, 17k Miles

A super nice example of an early 987 Boxster S - these cars raised the bar on fit and finish versus the previous generation of Boxster (986). Few details are given above this one, but it appears to be finished in Arctic Silver Metallic with beautiful 19" Carrera Classic wheels.

The car is advertised by its original owner with just 17k miles on the odometer. Service records and ownership history, then, should be very easy to come by, both of which will be really important for the new buyer.

I absolutely love the 987 Boxster's size, handling, and engine character. The mid-engined layout means that you have none of the 911's snap-oversteer that can be so frightening (and sometimes awesome), and its compact dimensions mean that you can slide into literally any space on the highway.

The car is sold with a built-in radar detector, meaning that the owner probably has a penchant for speed. With that in mind, you'd want to check for clutch wear, suspension creaks, and any oil leakage from the bottom-end, and you'd want to run an overrev scan using Porsche-specific diagnostics.

Advertised at $23.5k, this car would be a lot of fun for the money. See the one photo above.