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San Diego - 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe - 52k Miles, Tiptronic

A super-sleek example of a very late-build 996 Carrera 4S coupe. These cars are especially desirable for enthusiasts because they have the Turbo's flared widebody, but keep a naturally-aspirated 3.6-liter H6. And when spec'd like this one, equipped with the 18" Sport Techno wheels and Turbo-look exhaust pipes, the Carrera 4S is undoubtedly the best-looking 996 variant.

This car's February 14, 2005 production date makes it one of the last 996s to roll out of the factory in Stuttgart. Immediately after, first-generation 997s began to hit dealership showrooms. Though die-hards will shudder at this car's Tiptronic transmission, it's still a very capable unit that plays to the 911's strengths - high-revving canyon carving. It's also phenomenal in traffic.

The seller purchased in the car in 2010 with 5k miles, and he claims that he has full service history from Porsche dealerships. You'd want to see if the IMS bearing has been retrofitted. If not, it's the first step a new owner should take, along with a full fluid flush and spark plug replacement. 

I also question the Hankook tires on this car. I'd expect a higher-quality tire from a true enthusiast, so watch out for deferred maintenance on this one.

At $33k, it's priced reasonably. I'd pay $30k for this car after a PPI. Check out photos and the build sheet below: