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Los Angeles - 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera Safari Rally Car - New Motor, Tons of Offroad Upgrades

A one-of-a-kind example of a 911 built for the great outdoors. This 2002 996 started life as a standard Carrera 2, seeing a new factory motor due to an IMS bearing failure at 36k miles. Then the current owner stripped out all of the stock suspension in favor of a setup that can handle rock crawling and river crossings better than it can twisty backroads.

The seller even changed the factory paint for a satin olive green, which looks rugged and elegant at the same time. Running gear now includes a 2" suspension lift, a front skid plate, Sparco mud flaps, a fister exhaust, and the essential roof basket with axe and shovel mounts. I can only imagine how fun it would be to throw this rugged 911 into a graceful drift on a desert back-road.

This car harkens back to the "Safari build" Porsche 964s and 3.2 Carreras that many people created from their stock 911s. Some of the most famous safari builds come from Leh Keen, a pro racer who loves to dream up all-purpose 911s during his free time, and the category has really exploded within the Porsche enthusiast circuit. Prices show it - some of Keen's cars can sell for upwards of $150k.

This example, derived from a less-desirable 996 and with 84k miles on the clock, is a great way to experience the Safari 911 at a more reasonable $47.5k. I genuinely have no idea if that's fair value for a car like this, as no comparables exist. 

Either way, as always, make sure that the service records are complete and that the build has been done professionally. Get an expert to take a look at the engine underside for oil or coolant leaks as well. 

If all checks out, pick up this 911 if you want what may well be the most unique 996 in existence.

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