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Portland - 1995 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 - Polar Silver, 90k Miles

A very unique example of a first-year 993 coupe - these cars are beloved for their effortless mix of modern amenities with vintage 911 character. The last generation of air-cooled 911, the 993 still sported ABS, airbags, and modern-car reliability along with a completely uninterrupted driver-road connection.

This particular example is finished in Polar Silver, which is one of the most desirable colors among enthusiasts - in direct sunlight, the coat will show a pale silver, but in low-light situations, it looks almost like a light aqua blue. And paired with a Terracotta red full leather interior, this 993 is drop-dead gorgeous.

Interestingly, this example is also a Carrera 4, meaning that it has full-time AWD with a rear-wheel-drive bias. It's a much rarer trim than the standard Carrera 2. 

Judging from the photos, I don't see anything that concerns me cosmetically, and the collection of service records and owner's manuals makes me feel comfortable that the car has been well-maintained. I'd still recommend a full PPI with a leakdown test despite the 91k miles. Keep your eye out for tired sway bars, control arms, and shocks as well.

Priced at $58.9k, which is steep for a 993 with this kind of mileage, even despite its two owners and documentation. Closer to $52k is market. 

These cars are super collectible, and examples like this one are hard to come by. I'd jump on this one if I were in the market for a 993.

See more photos below:

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