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Los Angeles - 2008 Porsche Cayman S - 6-speed Manual, Single-Owner

Higher-mileage but affordable 2008 Cayman S. These cars are incredible performers both on the track and on everyday roads, delivering so much balance, road feel, and lightness to the driver. Caymans don't have to stay true to the rear-engined 911 tradition - their mid-engine design means almost perfect weight distribution.

This example has few options, but thankfully, it's spec'd with the notchy, 6-speed manual gearbox from the 911. Don't be intimidated by its 91k miles - the seller is an enthusiast with full service history. In this case, it's true that mileage is simply a number, and the car's condition speaks for itself.

Best of all, the $25k asking price is within reach, though you should negotiate down to the $23k range. Check out the photos below.