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Los Angeles - 2005 Porsche 911 GT3 - 19k Miles, FabSpeed Engine Tune

An immaculate example of the 996 GT3, the first track monster 911. The GT3's 3.6-liter flat-six produced 376 horsepower in stock format, but with its extensive upgrades, this one probably produces in range of 420 hp at the crank.

Speaking of upgrades: this example has had tasteful engine mods, courtesy of Fabspeed. Stainless steel headers, a recalibrated ECU, and new mufflers and cats help it breathe better under demanding conditions. Its shortened 3rd through 6th gears should make pulling out of corners a breeze, and Bilstein shocks and custom sway bars will allow for virtually flat cornering.

Basically, this car will beg you to push it to the limit at Laguna Seca. You should make sure that service history looks complete, and you should have a full PPI and DME scan for overrevs. 

Generally, the market for a well-sorted, stock 996 GT3 is $70-75k, but given this car's improvements, its nearly $87k asking price isn't unreasonable.

If all checks out, this GT3 would be a phenomenal pickup. See photos below: