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Los Angeles - 1986 944 Turbo - Extensive Restoration, 72k Miles

The "hot rod" of the 944 lineup with lots of brand-new parts. The seller claims that virtually everything, including lines, hoses, belts, and electronics, has been replaced on this car. In addition, all improvements have been documented in a 2" binder that will accompany the sale.

Normally, the 944 Turbo's immense performance comes at the cost of reliability, but if this car is as updated as the seller claims, that shouldn't worry you. 260 turbocharged horsepower routes through a 5-speed manual transmission to the rear wheels, and the '80s-style turbo lag will keep you constantly on the edge of your seat. 

Thankfully, Brembo disc brakes lifted from the contemporary 911 take care of stopping if you find yourself in trouble.

Few photos are available, but what's visible of the interior and exterior cosmetics looks very well preserved. If you're looking for the ultimate worry-free 951, this is your choice. 

Priced at $29k - it's difficult to gauge market value on this one with all of the replacement parts, but the asking seems fair for a completely overhauled car. Check out photos below: