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Los Angeles - 1982 Porsche 911SC Coupe - Complete Engine Rebuild, 150k Miles

A clean, unmolested example of a 911SC in stealth "triple black." These cars looked great, drove beautifully, and were really reliable when well-maintained, as this one appears to be.

As with all air-cooled 911s, these 911SCs need a major engine refresh as they get older with higher mileage. Fortunately, the seller spent approximately $15k performing a full engine rebuild at 100k miles, so compression should be strong for a while into the future.

A downside is the large gash on the passenger's side door. The seller claims that someone backed into the car in a parking garage, leaving a pretty nasty white stripe under the door handle. The entire door will likely need to be stripped and repainted, so budget accordingly.

The seller has owned the car for the past three years, which isn't a significant amount of time for an air-cooled Porsche. I'd imagine that getting past service history will be difficult, so tread carefully on this one - definitely get an expert PPI before proceeding.

Advertised at a reasonable $37,750, but you could get an even better discount due to the door blemish. See more photos below: