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San Francisco - 1976 Porsche 912E Coupe - 1/2,099 Built, Recent Engine Rebuild

A very uncommon example of one of the more bizarre cars Porsche built during the 1970s. The 912E was a hybrid between a 914 and a 911 - Porsche introduced it to the American market in 1975 to fill the void left by an "entry-level" 911. In case you were wondering, the "E" in "912E" stands for "Einspritzung," or German for "fuel injection."

The 912E wore the 911S's sumptuous bodywork but sported an 86 horsepower, 2.0-liter four-cylinder lifted from the 914. While 912E owners didn't enjoy 911 levels of grunt, they did save significantly on maintenance costs, as the VW-developed 2-liter unit was much simpler to maintain.

Porsche only built approximately 2,100 912E examples in 1976, and only 500 came equipped with a sunroof, one of which was this example. Fortunately, this car recently received a full engine rebuild, and the seller claims that thirty years of documentation will accompany the sale.  

Interior and exterior cosmetics look immaculate, and the Ice Green Metallic exterior color pops against the tan leather. The $35.5k asking is steep, but finding another 912E in with similar documentation and repair work will be really difficult. Think of this as your chance to get into a super-rare Porsche for less than the price of a new Toyota 4Runner.

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