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Los Angeles - 1968 Porsche 911 Coupe - 2.0L, Long-Term Ownership

A striking Irish Green example of an early 911 coupe with all of the right mechanical improvements. Showing 133k original miles, the car's 2.0-liter flat-six received a full rebuild at 113k miles. New engine mounts and exhaust were also installed at that time, and the car saw a bare-metal respray, meaning that it's fresh inside and out.

Critically, though, the current long-term owner kept the car as original as possible. The original wood-rimmed wheel, dashboard, glass, and Blaupunkt radio remain with the car, and the car is a Porsche-verified matching-numbers car. It's clear that the seller knows how to improve a vintage car without squelching its value.

A four-owner car, this 911 is for sale by its owner of 17 years, who claims that 20+ years of service history will accompany. While not the performance machines that modern 911s are, these early cars are beautifully analog, demanding the incredible focus and involvement from a driver that has simply been lost over time.

Advertised at $78k, this '68 911 would be just as at home on a backroad as at a PCA meetup. It's an ideal addition to any small Porsche collection.

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