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Indiana - 2006 Porsche Cayman S - 58k Miles, 6-speed, Basalt Black

Nicely preserved example of an early-build 987.1 Cayman S. The cosmetics on this car are absolutely pristine, and it's an extremely low-option example, meaning that there's little electronic trickery to interfere with the driving experience.

These cars make a phenomenal noise, and the notchy 6-speed manual gearbox pairs well with the stiff, responsive clutch and metal-lined pedals. A perfectly rev-matched downshift is a beautiful thing in a 987 Cayman S.

The seller is an enthusiast, so the car likely comes with extensive service history, though the ad makes no mention of it. Fortunately, the engine on this car was replaced under warranty, so the chances of an IMS failure are much lower.

And at $24k, it's a tremendous value. Check out the photos below: