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Connecticut - 1982 911 SC Coupe - 110k Miles, Long-Term Ownership

The 911SC is the cheapest way to get into an air-cooled 911 that has a true vintage feel: at $30-50k, it's the perfect first 911 for the aspiring air-cooled enthusiast. Though not the most powerful engines produced, the 3.0-liter flat-sixes in these cars are very reliable if properly maintained.

This is a clean, two-owner example finished in Guards Red, and the seller states that he has owned the car since 1987. Best of all, the car will be sold with full service history. 

I love the factory whale-tail on this car, and the black leather interior looks really tidy. At 110k miles and over thirty years old, however, I'd expect this car to have had valve work in its history. If not, a compression and leakdown test are absolute must-haves before buying.

Advertised for $40k, which is very fair if the car checks out mechanically. See photos below.