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Baltimore - Driver-Quality 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera S Coupe - 117k Miles, Launch Edition

This '05 911 Carrera S is the perfect driver - high-mileage, lots of previous owners, and some tasteful upgrades. By no means is it a concours winner, but it's the sort of 997 that you wouldn't mind leaving in a grocery store parking lot. And there's something beautiful about a Porsche you don't have to worry about.

Granted, bodywork looks very clean, as does the interior, but the owner does disclose rock chips and some paint imperfections. It sits very nicely on H&R coilovers, and its GT3 front bumper is a nice touch. Aftermarket Xenon HIDs are practical, but might turn away some die-hards. 

These cars were some of the earliest 997s shipped to dealers as "launch" models for the 997 generation. They're certainly rarer than run-of-the-mill 997s, but they also have some of the earliest M97 engines fitted, meaning that IMS failure is still a concern. You'd want to have an oil analysis done on this one to be doubly-sure.

But at $29.5k, this C2S is tremendous value and would make a perfect daily driver. See photos below: