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Atlanta - 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo - 95k Miles, Lots of Preventative Maintenance

For those who need mind-bending amounts of torque in a family hauler: a 500-hp 2009 Cayenne Turbo with all the right preventative maintenance. Don't let the 95k miles scare you - these cars are actually very robust when properly cared for.

Cayennes from this area have issues with radiator lines, starters, and transfer cases. Thankfully, this one had a major service at 88k miles and received a new Bosch starter and transfer case support at 90k miles. 

It's a high-option example, too, with air suspension, PASM, the tow package, and rear-seat entertainment. The 21" wheels look to be from a later Cayenne Turbo, but they look right at home.

It's advertised for $24.5k, which is a bit steep, but the preventative maintenance is very valuable. If you can get your hands on a complete service history, this Cayenne could be a really good buy.

See photos below: