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San Francisco - 2014 Porsche Cayman S - PDK, 24k Miles

Clean example of a 981.1 Cayman S - these cars are every bit as fun to drive as the 911 without astronomical 911 sticker prices. Their 3.4-liter flat-six sounds absolutely ungodly, and handling is razor-sharp, thanks to the mid-engined layout that makes for an ideal weight balance.

This example isn't loaded, but it's well equipped, sporting the PDK, Premium Package, and heated/ventilated seats. Unfortunately, it isn't equipped with the SportDesign upgraded steering wheel with aluminum paddles, but the steering wheel-mounted buttons work just as well.

The Basalt black paint looks flawless, and there are no visible creases or scratches in the seat leather. You'd want to look for excessive tire, suspension, and brake pad wear that could be an indicator that the car was driven abusively. Fortunately, other than basic safety items, few things are known to go wrong with these 981s, but I still recommend a PPI to avoid any surprises.

Advertised at $49k, which is slightly over market for a 2014 model year, even despite the 24k miles. Negotiate down to the low to mid-$40k range for a great value.

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