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San Francisco - 2014 Porsche Cayenne S - Tow Hitch, Air Suspension Delete

A very well-equipped example of the second-generation Porsche Cayenne S, the most capable sport SUV currently on the road. As a 2014, this car is the last model year to receive Porsche's velvety 400-horsepower 4.8-liter V8, capable of delivering gobs of low-end torque and impressive acceleration when you need it most. 

This particular example is unique because of its option combination: about 80% of 2011-2014 Cayenne Ss came equipped with electronic air suspension, which helps with offroad versatility. The trouble is that many of these units failed, getting stuck in low or offroad ride height and thereby compromising drivability. Luckily, this car has the air suspension deleted, and it also has a rare factory-installed tow hitch and adaptive cruise control.

Brake pads, sensors, and air filters will be included with the sale, but the car needs a scratch repair on the front bumper and two new rear tires. The owner has also performed the last service, which isn't an issue, but you should look for documentation of parts and supplies.

These V8 Cayennes had issues with the cam adjuster bolts, which can loosen and cause a loss of brake and engine power. Porsche issued an official recall, so along with a PPI, you should make sure that the fix is done.

Priced at $43k, which is high, even with only 35k miles from a single owner. Negotiate down to the high-$30s with a PPI.

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