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San Francisco - 2007 Porsche Cayman S - 55k Miles, Sport Seats

A tidy example of the classic 987 Cayman S - in a manual transmission, it's hard to find a sports car that's more lively and entertaining to drive.

This particular example is lightly equipped, wearing only Xenon headlamps and 12-way adjustable sport seats. In my opinion, that's a good thing - there's less to interfere with the driver-road connection that's so strong on this car. 

The seller claims that the car wears newer Michelin Pilot Sports all around, and he installed a newer stereo head with a rearview camera. You'd want to make sure that the head was installed properly, as I've seen sloppy electrical work from that job before.

You'd also want to check on the condition of the struts, control arms, shocks, and coil packs, all of which can fail around the 60k-mile mark. A DME scan for overrevs is also important.

Priced at $26.5k, which is too rich for a Cayman S with this sort of mileage. Get a PPI and buy at around $21-22k.

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