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San Francisco - 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo - 6-Speed Manual, 24k Miles

Beautiful example of a 997.1 911 Turbo - this '07 model was the first year of production for the new-generation 911 Turbo. Sporting 480 horsepower routed to all four wheels through a 6-speed manual, it's an absolute blast to throw around backroads. Speaking from experience, this car absolutely throws you back in your seat at even the slightest tap of the throttle.

This particular example caught my eye because of its beautiful Terracotta interior, which pops against the Slate Gray exterior. It also sports Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes (PCCBs) and the Sport Chrono package, meaning that it would make an unbelievable track-day monster.

Watch out for cracked coolant pipes on this car. As the plastic clamps expand and contract due to engine heat, they can crack, causing coolant to leak from the engine underside. Retrofitting the pipes isn't terribly expensive, but if the car has been run with low coolant, the engine could have sustained damage.

Best of all, the seller is the car's second owner and will include full service history with the sale. Along with a pre-purchase inspection, make sure you examine those records well for regular service intervals from a reputable location.

Advertised at $85.5k, which is steep even despite the car's 24k miles. High $60s to mid-$70s is more appropriate, depending on the results of an inspection. I'd plan to drive a hard bargain for this one - it's too nice to ignore.

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