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Los Angeles - 2001 Porsche 986 Boxster S - 79k Miles, IMS Retrofit

Tidy example of a pre-refresh 986 Boxster S. These cars are unbelievably entertaining to drive, sporting a surprisingly aggressive exhaust note, absurdly sharp handling, and an engine overflowing with torque at any speed. 

Of course, these cars are plagued by the infamous IMS bearing issue, which was especially common on model year 2000-2004 Boxsters. Luckily, this one has already had an IMS retrofit in 2017, along with a new clutch, new engine mounts, and new tires. You'd still want an expert opinion on it before moving forward, as these cars still have issues with suspension wear, vacuum lines, and electronics that tend to show up right around 80k miles.

Broken convertible tops are also common on these, so be sure to get the system fully evaluated before moving forward. 

If all checks out, this car is an absolute bargain at $13.5k. To me, there's not another car that can deliver as much driving pleasure in that price range - it's an ideal first Porsche.

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