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Los Angeles - 1998 Porsche 911 Carrera S - 62k Miles, 6-Speed

If you're looking for a "holy grail" 993, this 1998 Carrera S is your ticket. It's got a lot going for it: as if being the last model year of air-cooled 911 wasn't enough, this car was only one of 1,752 993 C2Ss produced for the American market. Best of all, purists love the fact that the Carrera S received the widened rear fenders from the Carrera 4S and the 911 Turbo but still retained a naturally-aspirated flat-six and RWD.

The 993 C2S combines the best qualities of vintage 911s with modern styling, ride quality, and performance. They perform just as well as daily drivers as track-day machines, and their dimensions are absolutely perfect - this is exactly how a widebody air-cooled 911 should look.

This particular example has turned just under 63k miles, and it has a striking Arctic Silver over two-tone leather interior, which I've rarely seen on these cars. Body and paintwork look completely original at first glance, and the interior is immaculate, down to the original Porsche factory stereo head. 

The seller claims that all vital maintenance has been done on this car, but you'd want to look at service history in detail. Make sure that valve adjustments were done every 10k miles, and look for a suspension refreshment and possibly a top-end reseal in the history.

Along with the 993 Turbo, this car is one of the best investment Porsches available right now. Prices are absolutely skyrocketing on these cars, and as 911s become longer, heavier, and more digital, purists will only chase the 993 Carrera S more.

Advertised at $87.5k, which is steep for a car like this. Market is closer to $75k, so keep an eye on this one for price reductions. 

Check out photos below:

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