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Los Angeles - 1996 Porsche Carrera 2 Coupe - Polar Silver, Tiptronic

Amazing value for an early-build 993 - this Polar Silver Carrera 2 has covered just over 107k miles and looks to be in phenomenal cosmetic condition. The cars are beloved for how well they straddle the line between analog and modern driving experiences, combining an air-cooled engine with modern safety comforts, such as airbags and ABS.

This particular example is by no means the most desirable 993 available - collectors prefer manual transmission cars with lower mileage, but those cars command big numbers ($50k and above). Still, it has a lot going for it - it's already had a top-end overhaul at 68k miles and a full engine re-seal about a month ago, so you shouldn't worry about poor compression. Better still, the car is a two-owner example with full service history from 1999. I'd still recommend a full PPI on this one to check for suspension and electrical issues, but this car should be mechanically worry-free. 

Polar silver is a super unique exterior finish. In some lights, it looks almost like an aqua blue, and in others, it's a sharp gray/silver, meaning that it's a favorite among enthusiasts. 

Best of all, it's only asking $39k, which is phenomenal value. If you don't mind an auto transmission, it's absolutely the cheapest way to get into the legendary 993 range. 

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