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Los Angeles - 1991 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Coupe - Black on Matador Red Interior, 104k Miles

A super-striking example of my favorite generation of air-cooled 911, this 1991 Carrera 4 is really impeccable inside and out. Usually, these 964s are finished in black-on-black, but this example's Matador Red interior is rare and desirable. I love the contrast between the interior and the black dash features. It took Porsche an additional 12 weeks to roll this car off of the production line due just to the interior.

These cars are so analog to drive, with none of the advanced driving aids that interrupt the driving experience on some modern Porsches. Their 3.6-liter H6 is peppy and absolutely raucous at full throttle, and I really appreciate the shape of the front fenders on the 964s. More so even than older 911s, those fenders make sure that you know exactly where the front wheels are at all times.

Keep your eye out for a issues with the through-bolt o-rings on these cars - as they wear and start to leak, compression can be compromised. I'd recommend a full leakdown test and careful examination of those o-rings before moving forward on this one.

If all checks out, I'd put this one in my garage in a heartbeat. It's an ideal daily driver that'll continue to turn heads.

Priced at $53.9k, which would be fair value if service history and accident history check out. See more photos below.

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