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Los Angeles - 1989 Porsche 944 S2 - 119k Miles, Lots of Recent Service

Highly original example of a first-year 944 S2 - these cars are absolutely gorgeous and super practical as daily drivers. Porsche introduced the S2 as the culmination of the 944 line, sporting the largest four-cylinder engine of its time (3.0L) and 208 throaty horsepower. Essentially, the S2 was a more affordable way to get 951 Turbo levels of performance, and it sold well as a result.

These cars have issues with their pinion gears, power steering pumps, water pumps, and timing belts, but luckily, the seller has already addressed the majority of these issues. To the tune of $11,000, the car received a new timing belt, a new water pump, a new steering rack and steering pump, and new rotors and pads, among other repairs. You'd still want to have an expert evaluate the condition of the pinion gear - when it fails, there will be an audible whine in the cabin that varies with vehicle speed.

Personally, I love the guards red over black leather color combination, which looks to be well-preserved inside and out. The driver's seat leather is especially pristine given the 119k miles. It looks like someone looked after this car during its life. 

There's no indication of the car's service history, though it seems likely that all of the recent service would be documented. You'd want to ask whether service history extends to when the car was new and how many others have owned the car.

Advertised at $12.5k, which makes this 944 within reach for any aspiring Porsche enthusiast. 

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