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San Francisco - 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo - Performance Upgrades, Lots of Recent Service

A super-clean example of one of the most iconic front-engined Porsche ever built. Finished in beautiful pearl white, this Turbo is clean inside and out, and it wears some really nice performance upgrades that should make it a blast on back roads.

The "Turbo" variant was the "hot rod" of the 944 lineup in the 1980s, making 217 horsepower from a turbocharged and intercooled 2.5-liter four-cylinder. When new, it could sprint from 0-60 mph using a 5-speed manual transmission, but mods on this one mean that power output is closer to 280 horsepower at the crank, thanks to Lindsay racing intercoolers. Expect 0-60 mph times to be closer to 5 seconds.

In all four corners, stopping is handled by four-piston calipers borrowed from the 911 of the time, and the engine received over thirty internal upgrades to handle the extra compression and heat from the turbochargers. Of course, that means that over the years, seals and components have worn more quickly than in naturally-aspirated cars, so be sure to get an expert opinion on oil leakage from the turbos and overall engine oil consumption.

Best of all, this car recently received:

-Front and rear Porterfield pads 

-Stainless lines on the front Brake flush with Motul 600 

-Front coilovers/adjustable Konis 300 springs 

-New caster blocks 

-New front control arm bushings 

-New ball joints Rear Koni adjustable shocks 

-New manual steering rack tie rods and boots 

-New tires front and rear yokohoma advan neovas 

-New inner and outer CV joints and boots 

-New waterpump 

-New radiator 

-New expansion tank 

-New radiator and coolant hoses all around 

-New Voltage regulator 

-New plugs 

-New cap and rotor 

-New 3 bar fuel pressure regulator 

-New Bosch fuel pump 

-New reference sensor 

-New DME relay 

-New reference and speed sensor harnesses 

-New timing belt/balance shaft belt/rollers/seals 

-New lightweight odyssey battery and tray w/Arnnworx timing tool kit 

Basically, all of the components that usually fail on these cars have already been replaced (water pump, timing belt, fuel pump). You'd still want to check on the condition of the pinion gear, and you'd want to make sure that the seller can produce documentation on all of the work listed above. 

But at $12k, it would be hard to find another 944 Turbo that has been modified more tastefully, not to mention one that has had more preventative maintenance. If repair receipts check out and a PPI goes well, buying this 944 is a no-brainer.

See more photos below:

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